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Top 5 Interesting Facts About Goa

Goa is located in the coastal region, also known as Konkan in western India and surrounded by Maharashtra from the north and Karnataka to the east and south. With the Arabian Sea forming the western coast, Goa is the smallest state by area and fourth smallest in terms of population. The largest city is Vasco Da Gama and Panaji is the capital, the ancient city of Margao still gives a cultural influence of the Portuguese. However, the city of beaches is visited by millions of international and local tourists every year owing to its beaches, places of worship and a classic architecture. Goa also has a rich variety of flora and fauna on the Western Ghats which is a famous biodiversity hotspot.

The culture of Goa is a combination of both Eastern and western style with the latter having more domination. The western royal attire of Kings is as much a part of Goa’s cultural heritage as are the regional dance performed that represents the unique mixture of various religion and culture. One can easily reach this tourist paradise by Air, Rail, and Sea and Road transportation.

Apart from all the rich cultural heritage and world-class architecture, there are some lesser known facts about this Konkan state.

  • Huge number of bars
  • Being a small state, Goa has a huge number of bars for those looking to get a drink after a day spent walking on the beach. There are 7000 bars licensed to serve alcohol all over goa and the estimate goes even higher if unregistered bars are taken into account. This might make goa the liquor capital of India but being an international tourist destination, so bars are only a medium to relax. Let Tudo Taxi be your guide in getting to the famous bars and pubs without a seconds delay.

  • Non-decomposing body of St. Francis Xavier
  • In 1542, when Portuguese ruled Goa; it was during this time that St. Francis Xavier spread the gospels. He played an important part in helping people turn to his faith and then in 1552 he had planned to introduce Christianity in China and had been a part of the embassy that left for China. However, fate had other plans as he landed on Macau and died there. His body was brought to Goa in 1553 and has since been enshrined in a glass casing. His decomposed body lies in the world-famous Basilica of Bom Jesus church in Goa.

  • Highest Per-Capita Income
  • Once you land in Goa, you don’t dream of going back unless you receive an email from the boss asking for an immediate meeting in the office. However, Goan do enjoy a life filled with peace and tranquility given the money they earn and the vast options of relaxation. A national census indicates that an average Goan earns around 2lacs per year which is more than enough to lead a comfortable life in this tourist paradise. You too can save money by cutting expenses on travelling with Tudo Taxi offering attractive packages.

  • Asia’s Only Naval Aviation Museum
  • The Naval Aviation Museum located in Goa is the only one of its kind in the entire Asia region. The museum is filled with the rich history of Aviation with reconnaissance ship called Lockheed Super Constellation on display. Many contemporary aircraft, jet trainers, helicopters and aircrafts used during the war are on display. A particular section of the building displays the naval memorabilia and one can also visit the armament enclosure to look at the ammunition that was used previously and what is being used presently. Make your journey comfortable by booking a Tudo taxi.

  • Tourists Taxi
  • Goa is the only state in India where you can ask a biker for a lift and pay them without any worries. The state is filled with motorcycle taxis which can take you to your desired location and is cost-effective as well. Often, referred to as Pilot, the two-wheeler taxis are an easy means for ladies to travel to and from destinations with ease. If you want a comfortable transfer from the airport or want to visit a famous beach, Tudo taxi is the perfect choice.

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