Top 5 Shopping Markets To Visit In Goa

Although a typical vacation in Goa means lots of roaming on the beach and food along with a never-ending nightlife. However, if you are a shopaholic who plans to visit Goa, rest assured that your shopping needs will be completely met. Shopping in Goa has its own charm. Some people come to shop for stuff they cannot get in their own city and some to have a souvenir for the happy time spent in this tourist paradise. Apart from the famous Goan fish, sweets such as bebinca, dodol and the famous Goan fenny; cheap clothes and accessories also attract a major chunk of tourists.

If you are a die-hard fan of fun-filled beach parties, drinks and exploring new culture then Goa should be on your list for this monsoon. But, make sure that your travel expense does not takes away the chunk of cash that you have saved for shopping and clubbing. You can ensure this by taking one of the several tour packages offered by Tudo Taxi..

In case you want to satisfy the shopaholic within you, make sure that you visit the top 5 markets on your visit to this tourist heaven.

  • Flea market in Anjuna and Baga Beach
  • In case you wish to taste what an actual shopping spree in Goa looks like then the flea market between Anjuna and Baga beach is where you should be. These markets have a lot of fancy accessories including bags, scarves, clothes, jewelry and many fascinating items on the shelf for tourists. Those looking to satisfy their taste buds can enjoy delicacies available at food stalls, restaurants and enjoy a bit of drinking in bars.

  • Tibetan Market
  • The market organized by Tibetan traders has all the souvenirs, jewelry, pearls, photographs, furniture and precious stones for tourists. Although, these are setup in October and are available till May but you can find the most fascinating stuff at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Margao Market
  • It is a great option for people who are impulsive when it comes to the matter of shopping. Whether you want to buy designer jewelry or local spices at affordable rates, this market has all of it in one place. The Margao market, also known as Gandhi Market is located in South Goa.

  • Mapusa Market
  • Mapusa Market is the favorite stoppage for those looking to buy pure spices in Goa. You can discover the market and pick the best of spices to make your cooking more delicious. One can also get high quality cashews here within affordable rates.

  • Panjim Market
  • If you are a fan of places with vibrant colors then Panjim Market is the place to be. One can easily get anything right from jewelry to fresh groceries in the market including sweets and spices.

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