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Top Do’s And Don’ts For Monsoon In Goa

If you are planning to visit Goa during monsoons, then you are planning the trip at the best time. You can easily enjoy the empty beaches and also get a reservation at any hotel without much hassles. Right from the never-ending nightlife to beautiful beaches, Goa has an endless list of tourist hotspots and landmarks to keep you busy for a week.

However, if you are visiting this tourist heaven during heavy monsoons then it is best to keep certain guidelines in your mind. These have been explained in details below;

Dos for monsoons in Goa

  • Mosquito repellent
  • This is one of the most underestimated fact by tourists visiting Goa during the monsoons. The June to September season in Goa is a mosquito heaven as the stagnant water makes it the perfect breeding ground of mosquitos. Hence, it is recommended to carry with yourself a mosquito net or repellent to keep yourself safe.

  • Choose a safe location
  • A number of locations in Goa are shut down when monsoon hits owing to safety reasons. Some beaches are also closed to the public to tackle the situation of high tide, an official notice is also displayed on the Goa tourist site. Hence, plan your trip accordingly to avoid any inconvenience. Book a Tudo Taxi and go to your favourite locations in Goa.

  • Drive with care
  • When driving on a two-wheeler in Goa, it can be dangerous to drive on a wet road. A single second of losing control and you could end up not only ruining your ride but also your body. This is the time when you should drive real nice and slow and get a few minutes late than never reach there. You can rely on our expert drivers working at the Tudo Taxi to get a safe driving to your location.

Don’ts for monsoon in Goa

  • Do not eat salty food
  • Salty food leads to water retention leading to swelled fingers and in general. Hence, it is recommended to leave the salty flavor for a while unless you want to return home back the next day.

  • No drinking and driving
  • When in Goa, a little bit of alcohol is on everyone’s mind. It can be fun to get high and then laugh away on silly things. However, combining alcohol with your driving skills is a lethal combination for both your life and the person sitting next to you. This is dangerous especially during the rainy season when you might come across wet roads and poor visibility. Book a Tudo Taxi and get to your location safely.

  • Do not stay outdoors
  • While, the combination of rains and wet earth produces a fragrance that is hard to resist. Make sure that you do not stay outside too much as you might catch an infection. It is recommended to change your wet clothes as soon as you reach your place of residence. Want to enjoy the rains? Let the Tudo Taxi Support guide you in getting the best of the monsoon season in Goa.

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